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A term used in the 2008 American Presidential election for former Hillary supporters who voted for McCain/Palin tandem on November 4, based on the fact that Palin is a woman.
Hillarite: "Onooz, Hillary lost the primaries. But there's this chick from Alaska. She is against everything I stand for, but I will vote for her anyways. She is a woman after all."

Informed voter: "So you are voting with your vagina? Vagina vote is unfeminist!"
by VenusH February 14, 2009
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Voting for a presidential candidate solely because they're a woman.
"Dude, who are you voting for in the next election?"
"Hillary man, it'd be so great to finally have a female president."
"Don't cast a vagina vote!"
by ostrichofjustice September 11, 2016
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