A more literal and obnoxious way of calling someone a Douche-Bag.; The actual meaning of a Douche-Bag in an obnoxious term used for a negative remark; A complete Asshole who loves to poke fun and laugh at the misfortune of others.
"Man stop acting so childish you vagina cleaner!"

"Thanks for the sex! Best get your vagina cleaner out!"

"Person 1: HAH! Look,that granny totally just fell out her wheelchair!

Person 2: Get The fuck out you vagina cleaner!"
by JayTheJetPlane September 12, 2009
Another name for calling people "Douche Bags" when you want to say it in the literal way. It's quite an insult.
Person #1: Wow, she's so annoying.
Person #2: Yeah, what a vagina cleaner.
Person #1: What?
Person #2: Other way of saying "douche bag".
by Mira&Lindsay February 11, 2007
when a girl uses floss as underwear. usually mint flavor
my girlfriend loves to use vagina cleaners, it gets all the crabs out.
by anufsaidinnh December 8, 2010