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Blowing a "raspberry" on someone's vagina. Hence the term, vag-berry.

Katie placed her lips on Leah's vagina, and blew a vagberry.
by Duckie666 April 10, 2009
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A word used to trick someone into thinking you are going to tell them a secret, when in reality you replace the secret with this vulgar phrase.

Comes from greek root- Vagina: definition- unknown.
Kaitlin: Wanna hear a cool secret?
Evan: Sure thing!
Kaitlin: *gets close to ears... whispers* vagberries.
Evan: Huh??!?
Kaitlin: Jokes on you! Cool magic huh?
by CallipygousEvan September 05, 2006
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To blow a "raspberry" on someone's vagina.
Susan was was excited when Johnny put his mouth on her vagina, but she was disappointed when all he did was give her a vag-berry.
by Lilly Lithium August 13, 2011
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When a portion of toilet paper gets stuck to the labias.
I went to eat that snizz, and there were fucking vag. berries hanging from her meat curtains.
by Jason Volk February 12, 2009
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