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The anatomical area in the vaginacinity, just lateral to the vagina and immediately proximal to the medial thigh. The transition point from vagina to upper leg is similar to area between the upper arm and chest, commonly referred to as an "armpit."
Example 1:
Gynecologist, on physical examination - "I am really seeing a lot of swelling to your left vag pit, Karen. Have you noticed pain in your vaginacinity recently?"

Example 2:
"Oh god, I love it when you rub you hand up my thigh to my vag pit. You really know what turns me on."
by vagina>everything August 29, 2016
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Vagpits is a word to be used when one's bodily odor coming from said person's armpits (generally of the male variety) resembles the smell of wet vagina. It is to be used as a noun yet has some moments when it is useful as an adjective.
P1: "Dude, Alec has vagpits."
Alec: "No I don't!"
P2: *Smells Alec's pits* "Dude, you've totally got vagpits."
by FloggingMutton May 09, 2009
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when a girls armpit has small rolls of fat resembling that of a vagina
see that girl in the tanktop? shes rockin' a huge vag pit!
by dcwilson October 07, 2009
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