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It is written that King Tony Svahn of Vagalot be'ith the only Vag Master to walk the earth. He slay vag that stands before him and lets no one stand in his way. All Hail King Tony of Vagalot.
King Tony is the Vag Master that slay'th my girlfriend.
by Dancingcuban1 February 08, 2010
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The master of the vag (pronounced vadge, aka, vagina).

Typically female, the vagmaster controls all entry into and actions within the vag. In rare cases, a pimp may assume control of entry into the vag area, becoming a monetary vagmaster, for a nominal fee to the biological vagmaster. Both parties benefit from monetary gain.
"So have you gotten laid yet?"
"No way man, she's one prude-ass vagmaster."
by CFV November 07, 2007
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A guy who is out to get the pussy 24/7, no matter what the cost. - A tool who uses his queer sense of style to hypnotize women into jocking him. - A lame-ass strait guy who wears pink shirts, frayed designer jeans, pointy leather shoes(or Steve Madden shoes) and waxes his eyebrows and ass hair.
"Tyler would rather go shopping with Brittany on his day off than race go-carts with his homies - what a Vag Master!"
by Stupid White Honky November 08, 2006
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