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1. Opposite of Sausage Fest
2. A large gathering of females without many males to put them in place
3. Usually consists of girls ignoring the few guys who are there and talking about there feelings
4. Having a 2:1+ ratio of females to males
Me: Dude Mike, We threw a sick party last night but it turned into a complete Vag Fest.

Mike: Wait, whats wrong with having ladies there?

Me: Duuude, I thought it would be cool, but they completely ignored us guys and none of us could handle the energy level.

Mike: Will shit dude, I never thought of it that way; I will definatly invite my wingmen next time to keep those bitches in line.

Me: Fo sho dude, Fo Sho.
by Cdazzle Fosheezie July 30, 2009
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An abbreviation for 'vagina fest'. This is when there are a large group of women all gathering in one area.
Guy1: So are we gonna chill at that Hanson concert?

Guy2: Ya totally, it's gonna be a total vag fest!
by HollywoodIsDead August 12, 2007
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1. A huge group of girls having fun with no boys around

2. A group of girls dancing together at a Frat party, with no boys around.

3. A group of lesbians...with vaginas
1. Bring on the sausages I can't stand this vag fest.

2. Let's go back upstairs, there's a vag fest on the dance floor.

3. When life hands you lemons, run away from the vag fest.
by Jaq Nizzle March 02, 2009
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