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1. When someone has a dick where their clitoris should be.

2. A dick that is less than one inch in length.

3. An extremely annoying person who follows cooler people and throws his loser friends away to try to be cool.
1. I wanted to fuck that girl but she is so big and manly I'm afraid she might have a Va-Johnson

2. "Dont tell anyone, but I measured my dick and it's a Va-Johnson!"

3. "Mike, stop being a Va-Johnson and stop following EVERYONE!"
by Fagkiller146 April 21, 2009
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1. A mutated sexual organ, found only on people who have gender mosaicism, (commonly known as hermaphrodite.)
2. An abnormally fag-ish male.
1. He has to be half girl, he must have a vajohnson.

2. That vajohnson wont stop following us, he probably finds us sexually attractive.
by Jdawg480 April 15, 2009
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