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An unusually named, Audi A8 based, high-class luxury Volkswagen. Came with a choice of outrageously powerful engines, a super strong frame, great handling, and first-rate engineering and materials. Comfort was beyond superb. The Phaeton never sold well, because when rich snobs buy their $70,000 sedans, they want a name to go with it. The Phaeton was a great car, but was too similar to its Audi cousin and therefore was outsold. It will be returning for 2016, thankfully.
"Hey, is that a Volkswagen Phaeton you have?"

"Yeah. I got it for $15,000, and it's got more power than half the cars on the market today. Boy do I love undesirable gems like this!"
by TheCarFanatic November 28, 2014
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