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A highly overrated vehicle idolised by P Platers, Wogs and Bogans.

The VL is possibly the most affordable Commodore you can source, hence it being purchased by the groups mentioned above.

The price tag however is somewhat deceiving, as the vehicle is prone to incessant failure.

The vehicle however received some functional parts such as a Ford 9inch Diff and a Nissan engine.
(Which you could sell for almost the price of the vehicle)

Recommended modifications include: Metal sports steering wheels, VY commodore body kits, chopped springs, neon's, turbo badges, personalised plates such as SIK-VLT, 18inch front and 14inch rear wheels, muffler removal, low range sound system consisting of 7inch subs and $50 amps.
"I think I hear Dolphins screaming? That acne covered burger peddler didn't put acid in my Big Mac did he?

"Nah mate that's just the VL Commodore dosing in the car park"
by ILLaViTaR August 31, 2008
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