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A V4 engine motorcycle made by Honda. Known as one of the best ‘do it all’ motorcycles. Honda has built the VFR series motorcycle starting in the early 80’s. The VFR has led the way in technology by often having some of the newest tids bits integrated into it before any other motorcycle. Some items first seen on a VFR are single side swingarm, lbs linked brakes, fuel injection, closed loop FI system, gear driven cams, split radiators. In 2002 Honda redesigned the VFR and for the majority of VFR enthusiasts it was a change done for the worst. Honda removed the beloved and reliable gear driven cams. Changes done in 2002 added additional weight and a loss in horse power. However most will agree that the additional changes done to the suspension were for the better. These changes done in 2002 have made previous year model VFRs more desirable to many.
Motorcyclist haven considered the VFR800 a motorcycle that can reliably rack up 100,000 miles with ease.
by Mr. Text August 16, 2007
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