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"very away from here", is similiar to "away from keyboard".
It means that youre doing and thinking something else than your buddy, but your buddy is still chatting to you. It's a irritating situation, because your buddy has NO IDEA what you are doing and he is interrupting you too frequently.

Saying VAFH tells you buddy (or audience) that you don't want to be interrupted any more. If you say something, your buddy should answer very shortly and be then quiet until you say something again.
Buddy's perspective, correct responce to VAFH is to put the chat on background and keep it there.

Other ways; saying VAFH effectively swaps your and your buddy's roles. You become the buddy that interrupts.

Used in IRC-speech by single person, so seeing VAFH is very very rare and used by very (at time of creation of this definition only user was me) few people.
buddy: {Wall of chatting}
you: hey, I'm buzy.
buddy: {Wall of chatting}
you: *grumbles voice* VAFH
{buddy stops chatting}

{1 hour later:}
you: pheff!! I'm done here!
you: ok, so what was that all about?
buddy: umm..
buddy: {Wall of chatting}
you: oh, god. lol. :D
buddy: not funny.. :(
by the_inexperienced_guy August 15, 2011
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