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A bunch of Japanese men with smaller than average penises who believe that WW2 was justified and various Japanese war crimes such as the Rape of Nanking and the torture of Allied POW are false.
Oh look its that faggot Uyoku dantai guy
by YellowNiglets January 26, 2015
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The fake far right movement in Japan run by Koreans pretending to be Japanese. Probably at least partially funded by the Korean government (north or south). Affiliated with the yakuza (also controlled by Korean "zainichi").

Like neoconservative Jews in America, the uyoku dantai Koreans' goal is to undermine the traditional right wing in Japan and make it look a stupid caricature to mainstream Japanese, while at the same time making it serve their own purposes (weakening Japan with immigration, crime, etc.).
uyoku dantai yelling in the street: "My name is Kim Chon I mean Satoshi Nakamoto! Long live the Emperor! Tenno Banzai! Annyeonghaseyo!"
by kurisu February 26, 2013
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