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The most sexy Finnish foreign exchange student on this entire planet. Uula is so breathtakingly stunning that it is entirely possible one might faint upon first seeing him. He is tall, tan, and terribly handsome. Although he hails from frigid Finland, he has spent quite a bit of time soaking up the California sun. His tan is impeccable and better than probably anyone else’s. Uula’s hair is so wonderfully blonde and brilliant that it is sometimes hard to think that such a unique and bright color is in fact, natural. Moving right along, Uula is not only incredibly gifted in the visual department, he also has talent in a variety of extracurricular activities. He is an avid water polo player and the school team thrived with his presence. He also was enrolled in a percussions course. This actually proved to be detrimental to some of the girls in the class because the only thing they did was watch Uula out of the corner of their eyes to catch a glimpse of his coveted stomach as he stretched. Uula is pretty much perfect in every way. His accent is the cutest thing you’ve ever heard. Perhaps Uula’s most enticing trait is the mystery that surrounds him. One glimpse of him and you will become absolutely obsessed.
E: Oh my god, there goes Uula. He’s so delicious.
M: I know! Look at his perfect blonde hair. I wish he would take us back to Finland with him.
E: Me too. Let’s go to his water polo game after school.
M: Mmmm, yeah. Good idea.
by E+M July 22, 2009
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