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In the PS3 game Batman Arkham Asylum the character Scarecrow is messing with Batman's mind. At one point in the game it appears as if Batman is shot and killed by The Joker. You then see the Game Over screen, that tells you "Use the middle stick to dodge Joker's gunfire."

However, this was all just an illusion caused by Scarecrow's feargas. Also there is no middle stick on the PlayStation 3 controller.

Whenever one of your friends needs help in a game and doesn't know what to do, tell them to use the non-existent middle stick. This will most likely confuse, dumbfound and enrage them - in that order.
Guy1: "Dude, I need help on Modern Warfare 2. How do I do headshots?"
Guy2: "Use the middle stick."
Guy1: "Thanks, man. (...) What the?! I can't seem to find the middle stick on my controller. (...) Wait a second.... WHY YOU LOUSY LITTLE #%*ยง#$!"
Guy2: "Heh."
by cubs1008 August 09, 2010
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