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One who drinks urine; a piss-drinker.

Often used as an insult, can describe one who drinks urine in either the metaphorical or literal sense.

{ "Uro-" (L. urina < Gk. ouron "Urine") + -pote (Gk. potis "Guzzler, swiller") }
Fark this beer tastes like piss!
Bloody oath it does. Cost me me weekly Centrelink money though so drinking it anyway.
Mate, you're such a fucking uropote! <Pauses, eyeing beer> Would be a shame to waste it though, just this once I'll help you out here mate

The secret to my youthful looks? I'm a uropote, and drink my own piss daily!
... Literally no one thinks you look young, all you've done is embarrass yourself just now
by Charlemagne1993 July 30, 2016
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