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A girl who is patient, lovable and cares alot. Shy by nature but can make anyone smile just simply smiling and not saying anything.
Originally a Urdu word meaning- like a Bride or Beautiful.
Golu: Have you ever seen that girl?

Ayesh: No. I haven't.
Golu: You should go check her out, she is soo Uroos!
by writerforlife December 24, 2015
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A girl that is ugly as hell.Looks like a hobo on crack.Spreads alot of rumors.Loves to hurt and use people.Her secret is that She rapes anyone who's name is Nicole that has big tits.Gets horny.And her name in Western Africa means She humps Wales.She's the most hated person in the school.Everyone wants to charge at her and beat the shitt out of her.Her name also means that she's a lesbian and her secret is to have sex with a Hobo.
Nicole: Uroos!!
Uroos:Heyy Hunny <333
Uroos: OMGGG Did you know that Mulia is a lesbian???And I have to say something about that too...
Nicole:Whats ur secret, please tell me!
Uroos: Im also a lesbian and I love you...More than a friend.And I love hurting people that are lesbians to make fun of them haha :DDD
Nicole:OMGG EWW GET AWAY.No wonder you spreaded that rumor! OMgg imaaa beat you upp...get over here MABNALDY SLUT!
by Marillyyynnn Loves Girls March 25, 2011
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