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It was once said in the gym floor toilet in the corridor outside the gym floor, that it must be true that most persons develop forced habits to avoid using public toilets or to only use a public toilet when it is overcrowded with people conversing on odd topics and/or that the sink water is running, hand blower going and/or that they intentionally wait to find a toilet filled with a raw stench because they actually fear to urinate the loudest in public bathrooms; and wish for an opportunity to lessen their worries by someone else's indiscriminate habits in public toilets.

Yes, it is far less than an episode of bowel movements or diarrhea or that which is created by acid reflux or indigestion. But yes, women and men show that episodes of urinephobia are true & not just a hypothesis waiting for national longitudinal study. You will not develop a need for psychotropics but will realize that you are ultra-sensitive about people talking about you or even looking your way because you tinkled and the drop was probably heard. You are not the epitome of an illuminati, who can contain oneself and what others will believe about your tinkle. You might very likely have poor coping mechanisms about how you sound to people, even when you wee. But urine is a natural process to have. Imagine having genital mutilation and not knowing the grand feeling a tinkle is when you have it.
Urinephobia--that is, that people suffer believing that their tinkle in a toilet bowl is heard the loudest by the one who just finished a few seconds earlier in the other stall or by that group of women standing at the sink who were only in the bathroom to freshen up their make up or to gossip. The last few tinkles creates a horrid anxiety that those others would laugh and wait to see the tinklers face as they exit the stall and stare with awe and disgust that the tinkler is not extremely embarassed to even look towards them and their twitching glare. Because the babbling sound of the tinkle was like coming through a loudspeaker & worse than a soprano's hi-octave.Observe and test it for yourself.

When I first heard of this, I surely thought I had developed urinephobia. But I am sure that my anxieties about jokes people constantly chase me for, are my father's fault; and not every individual I come across in public toilets agrees for me to believe I have this phobia.
by Vivian Taylor de' Martin October 01, 2011
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