What you think someone said when they tell you "you're in trouble"
Mr. Frond: "You're in trouble."
Louise: "Drink cranberry juice."
Mr. Frond: "What? No! Not urine trouble. You're in trouble!"
by America Lover 🇺🇸 December 11, 2018
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Ur unenviable status if u pee anywhere other than in da bowl. And it works like baseball, as well --- da first time u "miss", **urine** big trouble. Da second time you errantly tinkle, **uron** probation, and da third time, "urout", which iz da opposite of "urine".
It's often grounds for ur not being invited back to someone's home if u clumsily mis-direct da "golden shower" elsewhere from its intended "target" while using the neighbor's WC --- usually urine big trouble for your errant tinkling, unless of course u can prove extenuating circumstances (being startled by a sudden/loud noise while peeing, having someone turn off da bathroom light, etc.) while u were taking said whiz and thus acceptably/legitimately shift da "aim blame" somewhere else, in which case, "uroff" da hook on dat occasion.
by QuacksO August 14, 2017
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