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the Down's Syndromed, public-school-dropout morons who put definitions on urbandictionary and flaunt their stupidity by:

(1) misspelling or misabbreviating a word;
(2) using the wrong word ("there" instead of "their"); or
(3) having no fucking idea how to use an apostrophe.
Hey Allison, don't you hate it when those urbtards type "gr8" instead of "great"? How much fucking work is it to type 2 extra letters?
by John Heinz Kerry November 10, 2004
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A person who feels it necessary to abbrievate three letter words. Usually found on internet chat programs. Known as urbtard because of their extreme overuse of "urban" lingo.
Jake32tardo: Hwdy! wassup? I'm gr8t. hope ur good 2. We roc 4 lif!
normalchild: It's difficult to understand you when you talk like that, you urbtard.
jake32tardo: rofl lmao!!! ur 2 funni!
normalchild: STOP IT!
by Caitlinrulestheworld May 03, 2006
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People on urban dictionary who create pointless words that nobody will use only to promote their political views. (For example, this post.)
"Man, whoever added this definition was a real Urb-tard"
by Jenna Taleia January 31, 2017
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public-school-dropout morons who put definitions on urbandictionary and flaunt their stupidity by .....

4. insulting people with disabilities who actually have enough sense to know when they can't spell a word, and so they wouldn't flaunt their ignorance the way an urbtard would.
Urbtards can't tell the difference between a definition and a revision of a definition.
by Cynthia Barnes May 18, 2007
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A teenager desperately trying to gain popularity by means of either posting positive remarks for their significant other or negative remarks against their arch nemesis on the popular website of urban dictionary; as a rule of thumb, general results are the same and end up with epic failure (in both the posting of the term and the relationship they currently hold).
Tom: "Nicole is the most angelic of all beings ever created."
Fred: "Dude....stop're an urbtard."
by T and D Associates July 24, 2008
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