A site originally used to document the various use of slang, terms and other internet lingo. Now it's used by hipsters to complain about election results or other political topics that didn't go their way, such as Brexit or anything to do with Donald J. Trump, just looking around you can see the Urban Bitchioneers using the site to spout their own political bias or agenda with no regards to the actual intent of the Urban Dictionary.

Ironically enough, these people are the same type to complain about things such as "White (or Male) Privilege" all whilst sitting in their local StarBucks drinking a thirty dollar Cappuccino and writing these "Definitions" on a two to three thousand dollar laptop.

To say Urban Bitchioneers lack any sort of self-awareness or perspective is an understatement, everything they disagree with is the end of the world, and everything they agree with is the second coming of Christ.
Person 1: Hey, have you been on Urban Dictionary recently?
Person 2: You mean UrbanBitchtionary.com?
Person 1: Um... what?
Person 2: Yeah, the site's been taken over by hipsters to complain about political outcomes they didn't like.
Person 1: Oh...
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 3: Join me, and we will rid the realm of Urbania Dictionaria from the Normie plague.
Person 1 & 2: Who the fuck are you?
by Dusk Ealain March 24, 2017
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