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Aka: plastic grocery bag, plastic bag; a plastic grocery bag that is easily caught by the wind and ends up in treetops. This event can occur when shoppers are careless about their environment, and throws bags on the ground. It can also be caused by spilling out of overflowing trash cans, and cars filled with junk, often unbeknownst to vehicle occupants, as they step out on the ground.

Urban kites occur mostly in the city, due to the higher number of shoppers and higher urban kite:consumer ratio. Urban kites can be seen in rural districts on occasion, but country folk are not in a hurry, and therefore, have more time to prevent and/or correct urban kite flying.

Urban kites are often used as trash bags, lunch bags and cheap totes, which help prevent them from ending up in trees.
Johnny, close the car door and grab that urban kite that's stuck on your foot. Do you want it to end up in the trees?

Look at all those urban kites dancing in the tree tops! That one on the left is new.
by wordybird July 02, 2016
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