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Nobody actually knows what the fuck this is...except apparently MSI.

My Guess=A dude who works at some dot com in the center of a big city and occasionally logs into CS:GO on his lunch break while eating at his desk cause he is just anti social enough to avoid hanging out with hi work colleagues, but not hardcore enough to just play a proper game (CS:GO included) when he gets home. AKA. A Filthy Light Gamer
Urban Business Gamer...A Day in the Life

Joe: Hey want join us for lunch outside?...We are gonna hang with those girls from accounting, maybe throw the Frisbee around after too.

Small Dick Harry: Umm....I think Im going to just eat this celery stick and sit at my desk whilst playing Counter Strike with the guys from engineering.

Joe: oh, ok...I'll just tell the girls you prefer cock....makes for a shorter explanation when they ask where you are. Salute.
by Massi10 April 03, 2017
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