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Urban Off-Roading is the intentional use of a vehicle, typically a non four wheel drive vehicle, as a off road vehicle in an urban environment. Urban Off-Roading is not strictly limited to non four wheel drive vehicles, in some situations, four wheel drive may be recommended. Location(s) or obstacle(s) of which urban off roader may encounter: staircases, benches, curbs, center medians, guard rails, parking space dividers, parking garages or lots, ect. Urban Off-Roading is not to be mistaken for Carkour. Urban Off-Roading is a far more aggressive and dangerous approach to Carkour. Also, Urban Off-Roading has no purpose but to exist as itself, only for off-roading and entertainment purposes. Carkour exists as a form of entertainment as well as a mode of transportation.
Hey dude. My friends and I are going Urban Off-Roading this weekend in downtown LA. My buddy is bringing his Cherokee, but I am bringing my Corolla.
by Ryan Washburn May 21, 2011
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To drive a vehicle on areas within a suburban housing division, otherwise meant for pedestrians.
Joe - No man, all my neighbors hate me
Liz - why do they hate you?
Joe - my friends and I got caught urban offroading a while ago and they all told each other
by Viet lee February 13, 2013
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