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Inspired by those Living in the city or surrounds in modern environment or a refurbished buildings, also stodios and lofts that are open plan and modern. Being surrounded by people with taste and character. This is a wordly way and would also include furnishing your home with multi functional furniture that is in multi funtional rooms, making optimal use of space as space is scarce, leaveing a feint carbon footprint by recycling and finding ways to spare the environment. Urban living does not have to be in the city, it is the way one would live lending to these atributes. Urban Living has no race, religeon, sexual preference, gender or age, it is about people with taste and style who want to use space optimally without having a negative impact on the environment but still live well. Urban living also includes the kind of dwelling and the way it is laid out, the use of natyral lighting and minimal clutter. Urban living is clean, crisp and fresh. Urban Living would be a home that has all of this regardless of where it is situated.
There are old office buildings in City Centres that are being refurbished and turned into aparment buildings, the interior decorating is styled according to Urban Living.

People are building homes from prefaricated recycled matarials, making use of large glass windows for natural light - this is Urban Living.
by Mr Urban Living September 03, 2010
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