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One who constantly uses words(particularly the word(s) of the day) they found on this site and pretends/insists/swears/prays to god that you think that they were clever enough to make it up themselves. They know they aren't clever, but they don't want the rest of the world to think so.

An easy way to find one is to compare the word of the day list with the conversation/s you had with the suspected Urban Dictionary fag that day/s.
Mark: "Hey Jack, quick question, do-*Jack interrupts*
Jack: "Mark, I've come to think you're an Urban Dictionary fag. I wrote down a few things you've said to me this past week. Let's take a look."

March 29 - "Mark: My electric razor broke, so I had to do an acoustic shave today"
March 28 - "Mark: Signing an email petition to stop rampant crime is slacktivism. Want to really make your community safer? Get off your ass and start a neighborhood watch!"
March 27 - "Mark: I'm so twitterpated about this movie!"
March 26 - "Mark: What do you mean foul!? We aren't playing Lawyer Ball here."

Jack: "I thought you went homo on the 27th, you didn't even think of your own sentence for the 28th and as for the 29th, you don't even shave. The verdict stands, you're an Urban Dictionary fag."

Mark: "You're just a Hobosexual..."
Jack: "December 4th."
by DefinitionsR'Us March 30, 2008
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1. A person who is obsessed with posting definitions on urban dictionary that deal with their feeling about facebook.

2. A loser who vents their anger out on urban dictionary.

3. person who post their own names on urban dictionary.

4. One who reads urban dictionary.
by pseudonamed December 09, 2009
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1.) Someone who knows that a certain slang word doesn't exist but they want ot to so bad that they put it on Urban Dictionary anyway in the hopes of making it famous.

2.) Someone who claims that damn near every word on urban Dictionary, they made up or were using before ever hearing about it on this site.

3.) Someone who comes to this site for 'clever' new insults so he/she can seem like the fuckin' man.

4.) Someone who STAYS TALKING ABOUT THEIR NEWEST urban Dictionary post, and how awesomely hilarious it is.

5.) Someone with really No Life, or a barely interesting life who feels like maybe someone will read one of their posts and they will become famous so they put their whole name as their name for each post.

Most of these will be followed with a "...go suck urban Dictionary's dick" and or clever plays on that because, well if you're going to call someone a fag, and mean it, you're going to tell them something they can do rather than waste your time.
1.) Greg:Did u guys hear of that new word "FlameyDouche"?
Real popular people: No urban Dictionary fag, No one heard of your bullshit made up word. go blow urban dictionary if you love it that much.

2.) Riley: Ew, nigga you gay!
Greg: Aw, dude you heard that word on urban Dictionary? I made that up, and i was using gay before anyone even knew it was on urban Dictionary.
Riley:Shutup you urban Dictionary fag, go suck Urban Dictionary's dick, and stop claiming shit.

3.) Tom: My stupid roomate. He just drinks, farts, and doesn't shower.
Greg: ha, sounds like a real F-bag. I heard that on urban dictionary and i really think it fits here.
Tom: Wow, go suck Some Urban Dicktionary, ya Urban Dictionary fag.

Greg:Guys, guys check out this new post on urban Dictionary i put up. It'll have you crapping, it's so funny.
Regular people: Hey greg, here's what you can do instead of showing us that joke. Go back to the site, scedule a date with the creators, let 'em wine and dine you, and after you have had a great time dating urban Dictionary. Blow them, ya urban dictionary fag.

Greg: ...signed Greg Kevin McKinley. How cool would it be if I got noticed for my awesoem posts, that'd be cool.
Greg: Mhm, maybe I 'am' an Urban Dictionary fag.
by WooSter May 25, 2012
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