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1. The feeling of great sadness a person experiences when they realize that adding new definitions to Urban Dictionary is completely pointless.

2. The feeling of great anxiety or anger a person experiences when they realize that nobody will ever read their new Urban Dictionary definitions because :
a) no one really cares
b) there are already too many definitions
"Matt was staring intently at the computer screen, when he suddenly screamed and drove his clenched fist through the glass, shattering it instantly. He then crushed the keyboard and sent the keys flying across the room, with a mad glare in his eyes. I tried to leave the room to escape the carnage, but then Matt fell down on his chair, sobbing.

"It's all fucking pointless! Fuck!"

He didn't even notice the blood from his shredded hand slowly dripping to the floor. I had known about Urban Depression Syndrome for a long time, but this is definitely not what I expected."
by GlowyAmoeba November 13, 2011
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