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A fan-made pairing of characters Urahara Kisuke and Shihouin Yoruichi from the manga of Bleach.

Urahara Kisuke and Shihouin Yoruichi are childhood and best friends who grew up and lived together in the Soul Society (a place set in Bleach, where shinigami and souls who have died live). They share a secret past and bond that is yet to be revealed in the story.
Subtle hints of UraYoru and their feelings have been shown on several occasions throughout the manga, such as in the Turn Back the Pendulum Arc and Fake Karakura Town Arc.
by Bleachlover February 18, 2012
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Fan-made pairing from the anime Bleach. Combining the two character Kisuke Urahara and Shihoin Yoruichi. Huge possibility that these characters do have feelings for each other.
During the arc that takes place in the past there was obviously Urayoru connections!
by ichiruki_luver November 28, 2011
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