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The most powerful insult, once used by the gods in ancient greek times to instantly destroy any physical creation, even those created by their own hands. It was wiped from history out of fear that a mortal being may learn to once again recite the ancient words, and in order to hide the phrase from the mortal conscious, the gods had to disappear as well.

In recent times, as the ancient texts once again resurface, many have learned to use the weaker spells such as "ur mom gay", or "ur dad lesbian", but this ancient and all powerful spell has yet to enter the minds of the masses, with it rarely ever being used, the most recent being the time that God-Emperor Donald J. Trump said this phrase against Japan twice, once in Hiroshima and and once in Nagasaki. Of course, the phrase was still kept secret under the veil that it was just a new weapon called a "nuclear bomb".

It was said by the Mayans that when this spell was once again learned by the mortal people, it would herald the final end, and even the olden gods could not return and stop the oncoming disaster.
This phrase should never be said, though it should be noted that God-Emperor Donald J. Trump said "Ur Grandpa Apache Attack Helicopter" against Japan twice.
by bloodlet March 17, 2018
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