Born on September 20th, 1878, in Baltimore, Maryland, Upton Sinclair was a "muckraker" (An American journalist or writer who sought out to initiate social and political reforms). He wrote his first book, Springtime and Harvest, in 1901, which was a story of two lovers, inspired by his first unhappy marrige.

In 1906, Sinclair wrote "The Jungle," which was a book to protest the meatpacking industry. He wrote about how a man fell in a meat grinder, but they continued anyway.
He made political, economic, and social changes within his lifetime, as well as write over 90 books!
A complete genius of his time
Thanks to Upton Sinclair, I don't eat people.
by Manov January 8, 2009
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A man who wrote the book titled "The Jungle" about an immigrant family coming to the United States to find work. Long , boring, annoying, story short, he saved the packing industry by writing about terrible work conditions and potential cannibalism in the U.S.'s industrial revolution. This is all good and dandy, but we should all remember him as the socialist asshole who ran for governor in 1934. After his after his "End Poverty in California" campaign, he lost. California, which was just as neutral as Nevada currently is, jumped on the band wagon for socialism, or at least the people who wanted this dickhead as governor did. This became a snowball of bullshit until it became California as the rest of the states know it today; a shitty, fascist, you-have-to-conform, SJW littered, pile of hot garbage.
History Teacher: 'Did you know Upton Sinclair wrote the book that saved you from eating other people?!'

Me: 'That's true, but did you know he was a socialist who was influenced by Huey Long, the governor of Louisiana who though we should "Share Our Wealth?"

History Teacher: 'Reallly? I never knew that! *Commie-ness Intensifies*
by A-A-Ron the DM March 24, 2018
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