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An Upshart is the unfortunate act of lightly vomiting in one's mouth. Since the contents never actually leave the mouth, the Upsharter is left with the unpleasant task of re-swallowing the vomit.

What's the Upshart of this word in your vocabulary? It's much more fun to say 'I Upsharted,' than 'I Verped,' and you all know that "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit" is really only funny if you're still stuck in 2004. The primary difference between Upsharting and Sharting is the taste.
Paulie: "Damn... That was gross."
Kevin: "What happened?"
Paulie: "I just upsharted some ramen salad."
Kevin: "That is gross... that shit was bad the first time around."
by Sideburnes April 21, 2011
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