Unsophisticated people of a low socioeconomic status that don't eat lobster rolls for dinner at least twice a week.
Son: I'm hungry.
Mother: Do you want hot dogs or ramen noodles?
Son: Can we have lobster rolls?
Mother: No, lobster is too expensive.
Son: But all my friends...
Mother: I don't give a fuck what your friends eat you ungrateful little bastard.
Son: But mom...
Mother: There will be no lobster rolls in this house. Ever.
Son: You bitch!
Mother: Go to your room.
Son: Sorry mom. Can we get a Subaru?
Mother: This family does not drive a Subaru or eat lobster rolls.
Son: Why?
Mother: Because we are proudly among the unwashed masses. We are trash.
Son: Ok.
Mother: Don't forget you have therapy tomorrow at 3:30.
by affluent geoffrey July 21, 2019
refers to the common people, blue collar workers and the struggling classes, happy in family and friendships if not in terms of wealth
Donald shuned a job with his father's bank, preferring instead to work at the mill, shoulder to shoulder with the unwashed masses, many of whom invited him to their homes for dinner or to share stories over a bucket and jug at lunchtime.
by jiggs41 November 29, 2013