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Sex organ of a male of Dalit Caste & Dravidoid Race.

The English phrase was coined during Protestant-British Tyranny in India to refer to the Shudra Penis. In Brahmanism, the threateningly large size of the Dravidian Penis had been used to justify the Manuite Caste System. British Protestantism further exploited this to prove the 'beastly' & 'nigger' descent of Shudras & hence reverse Mughal caste-loosening measures.

In Independant India, the growing laxity of the Anglo-Indian Caste System & the decline of Protestant-British prudery has led to a revival of interest in sexuality & the Negroid-Australoid Dravidian Penis. This ever-increasing fascination with Dalit muscularity & the Shudra Penis in Post-Protestant India is widely documented in Indian English culture. Thus, Inter-Caste Sex is the central theme of Girish Karnad's 'Hayavadana' & Arundhati Roy's 'God of Small Things'. Further examples are to be found in descriptions of the assets of Maddow Colwer, the giant hypermuscular "Chamar" Shudra hero of Amitav Ghosh's 'Sea of Poppies', & in explicit narratives relating the sexual exploits of Mohan Kumar, the macrophallic Kumhara (potter) Shudra hero in Khushwant Singh's biographical 'The Company of Women'.

By the early 21st century, this had evolved into Shudra Penis Worship as prevalent in the new Desi Hip-Hop Culture, with its glorification of the 'Dalit Nigga Dick', & as practised in the revived Begumi Culture.
1) Likewise, the 1990s Desi British serial 'Goodness Gracious Me' features a song 'I'm Untouchable', where an
explicit line contains a clear allusion to the Untouchable Penis: 'Untouchable, I smell of dung // Just Untouchable,
but I'm well hung' (Season 1, Epis 4, 2 Feb 1998). The line is followed by ribald loud Desi & British female laughter, indicating the acceptance of Shudra phallic magnitude by the audience & the persistence of deep-rooted beliefs of Dalit sexual mastery in diasporic South Asian communities.

2) Another example of Post-Independant India's fascination with the Untouchable Penis is found in Khushwant Singh's biographical 'The Company of Women'. One part focuses on the Inter-Caste Sex of the protagonist Mohan Kumar with Dr. Sarojini Bharadwaj, a Lecturer in English in a college at Rewari. Just as Mohan Kumar's surname implicitly indicates his membership of the Kumhara or Kumar potter sub-caste of Shudras, Prof. Sarojini Bharadwaj's surname implicitly indicates her Aryan-Brahmin descent. The work reinforces traditional S Asian stereotypes regarding the small size of the Brahmin Vagina & large size of the Shudra Penis: "'My God you are big!' she exclaimed in alarm. 'This thing will tear me to pieces.' She clasped it between her thighs to prevent it piercing her. 'Promise you won't hurt me. Remember I'm very small & have had no sex for a very, very long time.'" ('The Company of Women' Khushwant Singh. N Delhi: Penguin Pub, 1999: 47-8).
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