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A temporary fit of anxiety. This is a very common affliction caused when you send a message to someone on MySpace when you see they are online, then sit and wait for them to respond. After a couple of minutes you open your Sent Mail and see that it is still Unread. You have now entered the Unread Online Syndrome. You sit there hoping beyond hope that the message gets opened before he/she logs off, because if not, then who knows how long till the person logs back in. You refresh the page every couple seconds. You check your Inbox anyways, making sure that it isn’t a glitch saying it’s Unread when it’s really not. You begin to feel panic. “Is he/she gonna see that there’s a new message before logging?!?” There is no escape. You have been infected with Unread Online Syndrome and the only cures are if the person finally opens the message or just logs off.
Joey got sick last night. He was on MySpace and for 3 hours he suffered from Unread Online Syndrome before Angel finally wrote him back. But by then it was too late and he was convulsing on the floor.
by Jace555 May 05, 2009
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