When a "friend" talks shit about u or a girlfriend gives another nigga head.
by JesseJamess April 08, 2015
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Unloyal, a boy/girl who just plays girls/guys. Treats them like shit 24/7 and cares nothing for them, they may act like the care but they 100% do not. They push others away and make them feel like shit.
“I only talk to u because I’m bored and have nothing to do” - person #1 “ouch” -person #2 “seems like ur a very unloyal person” -perosn #3
by Ur weird December 22, 2018
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When one player cannot stay on the same team nor can he/she have friends that he never backstabs over a video game.
MeGa can't stay in one clan, he's unloyal.
by iMaGiiNe22 December 21, 2016
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This bitch named Karliegh likes Owen even though she's dating Aaron. That hoe unloyal.
by Karliegh a hoe 69 December 28, 2021
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When your boyfriend breaks up with you then 5 hours later you go out with this man you have been talking to behind your ex's back. She's an unloyal scum.
"Hey your new gril is an unloyal scum!"
by Hudderson waters December 16, 2019
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