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A cryptic reference to a man's need or wish to release sexual tension and desire through any form of sexual activity leading to orgasm and ejaculation. The 'sack' refers to the scrotum, which contains 2 testicles. Sperm are manufactured and stored in the testicles and the epididymis and discharged by ejaculation.
Dick: "Hi honey, I'm home - that was a terrible flight from Kalamazoo, real bumpy and no snacks on board."

Angie: "Welcome home darling, we've missed you. Ned and Holly are playing with Tommy next door but they'll be home soon."

Dick: "The kids are out? Baby, please - it's been 8 days - adopt the position and let me unload the sack."

Angie: "Here? In the kitchen? Now?"

Dick: "Right now baby, panties aside - let me get on the nuzzle and just open the gate."

Angie: "OK honey, best we use a little of that olive oil to speed us up before we get interrupted!"
by Katie4eyes August 06, 2018
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