A great song by Breaking Benjamin, makes pretty good montage music for fps games like Counterstrike and Halo.
Borderline, dead inside.
I don't mind, falling to pieces.
Coming in, violin, let's begin.
Feeding the sickness.
How do I simplify, dislocate, the enemy is on the way.

Show me what it's like to dream in black and white, so I can leave this world tonight.

-Part of Unknown soldier by Breaking Benjamin
by Coldstare3 February 05, 2007
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1. Default name for CoD and CoD2 Multiplayer games.

2. Idiot n00bs who either don't know how to change there name or don't even know what there name is

3. For losers who only pray and spray, if your not a n00b you will understand pray and spray if you are a n00b, loser

4. Just simply, n00bs
$layer- Hey n00b change your name
Unknown Soldier- What are u talking about
TDP- n00bs like u don't change your name when u first play that's why we know your a n00b
Unknown Soldier- Oh!
-Unknown Soldier has disconnected-
by {-[TDP]DA[$LAYER]-}CLAN November 22, 2005
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