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A "prestigious" university located in University City along Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia. This school was originally the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, but has in relatively recent times expanded to include a lot of other sciencey stuff. It is known for pharmacy, because it was the first pharmacy school in the western hemisphere. It has been called (stupidly) USiP (everyone knows you don't include prepositions in acronyms, but leave it to a science school...), USP, and just a month ago renamed USciences (USci was taken by some California school that got pissed when we tried to use it). The campus is small and compact compared to local Drexel or UPenn. There aren't ANY food trucks, which are a staple of Philly. The parties are okay, and interaction with Drexel and UPenn is good. It's not impossible to get into this school. The faculty and student body is extremely diverse. At least one of your teachers at any given time will not speak English as a first language. A good amount of the students are India/Asian, followed by white, and then black, and then a small collection of other. Most major in pharmacy and like 70% are residents. Cafeteria is lame. No distinguished sports except for rifle. (Yeah, shooting.) Gym is a required class. Colors are red and black, or officially "crimson and slate." Mascot is the devil.
Michael Smith: Hey, what college do you go to?
Shebab Patel: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Michael Smith: Huh?
Shebab Patel: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Michael Smith: Ohhh
by WildEyeJoker January 21, 2011
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