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Also known as the "University of Dork". Home to Oxbridge rejects and people who were not popular at school. Famous for having the first pirate ever to be elected as SU president and run for parliament.

Other notable alumni include:

Greg Dyke - former director general of the BBC (got sacked though), now chairman of the FA
Harry Enfield - a silly comedian

The campus architecture can somewhat be described as "abysmal", with a spaceship like structure serving as its centrepiece as well as buildings that could really do with a good touch of paint. There is also an annoying abundance of ducks and geese that will eat anything that is thrown at them.

Colleges include:

Goodricke, most renowned for for its appalling living conditions as well as its strong sense of spirit amongst its "cellmates".

James, college of oxbridge rejects.
Halifax, also known as "Asiafax".
Vanburgh, small and plain.
Alcuin, cozy.

Due to a slip in rankings, York has built an extension to the campus called "Heslington East" to compete with other universities. Whether or not it will affect York's reputation is yet to be seen.

Love it or hate it, York will always be York, warts and all!
A student from another university meets a student from the University of York (UK).

S1: "Which uni do you go to?"

S2: "York"

S1: "Suits a dork like you then"
by linguisticredsocks July 04, 2013
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