An idiom used commonly on Facebook by high school and college dropouts who secretly regret being unsuccessful at getting an education, and want to make it look intentional. It supposedly means that life is the person's teacher, although most of its students have not learned anything but how to just barely survive while still being able to afford enough alcohol to block the pain of lost dreams.
Psssh! Why go to school when I can get a job now? I was totally smart enough for school, I just choose to attend the University of Life!
by Rum Fiend March 29, 2018
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Used instead of a real university name by people that never made it to an university feel ashamed because of that.
"Hey, man, how are you? Haven't seen you in ten years. I heard you dropped out of Princeton?"

"AND!? Now I study at the University of life! And I'm not ashamed of it! It's perfectly allright! It does not mean that I am a loser... it's *sobbs*"

by Chris C. II September 30, 2006
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A phrase commonly used by learned people in front of their learned friends to dismiss the opinion of someone who has been through actual university in an attempt to assert their dominance. With subtle threats of physical intimidation and belittling. This belies the fact that they are in actual fact a dumb fuck of little actual significance with no contribution to the advancement of the human race. Quite often used by bullying, narcissistic, manipulative fathers to reduce a their standing in the world to one step behind them.
‘You may have been to university, but I got my education at the university of life’ which explains why he wasn’t intelligent enough to predict that shagging his Shepherdess would mean divorce
by MsBird February 18, 2022
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the sky, the land, the sea, everything everyone has and can see but are normally ignorant and take it for granted
I opened up the universal life for a day and suddenly life seems great
by crease crease February 19, 2017
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