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A relatively young, highly ranked school established in 1965 with great academics that is steadily rising in reputation. UC Irvine has one of the highest student populations of Asians at around 52% in 2008.

Some people still think that UCI has no social scene because it is set in the stereotype that it is a "commuter school".

Irvine, the city the school resides in, is a very safe and clean (not to mention very expensive) community.

UC Irvine was ranked #41 in the National Universities category and #11 in the Top Public Universities in the United States by U.S News and World Reports' "Best Colleges 2011" annual rankings.
Amanda was rejected from the University of California, Irvine.
by firenoxx September 10, 2010
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UC Irvine is a relatively young school within the UC system. It is the fourth-ranked or fifth-ranked campus in the system, after Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, or UC Davis. UC Irvine lacks a football team and is a commuter campus by nature, meaning a conspicuous deficiency in college spirits. A majority of students are Asians, particularly Asians who got rejected by Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD. Alumni network on campus is virtually non-existent. While UCI may be trying to bolster their academic reputation, students generally hold UCI in low regard compared to the big-name campuses in the system like UCLA and Berkeley.
Friend: Hey where are u transferring to next fall ?
me: University of California, Irvine
Friend: Oh, I feel sorry for you man. UCI sucks.
me: Yeah I know, but it's the only campus I got accepted.
by surferdude08 November 13, 2009
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