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Terrible University in the city of Bridgeport CT. Whites are in the minority, asians run in packs around campus talking shit about all the white and black kids in a different language (no ones really sure what country they come from, presumably china?) Literally every black kid thinks he can play basketball even if he doesnt know the difference between a jumpshot and a touchdown. The white kids complain about all the ghetto kids. The black kids even complain about all the ghetto kids. who knows what the asian complain about (lack of soy sauce in the dining hall?) Any way the food tastes like puppy shit, the teachers are all 60+ and senile and the dorms are always 800 degrees. Also Bodine is the scum of the earth. The hallways always reek of cheap bud and the dorms are 6x6 max. At least its near a beach right??? Oh btw the beach is horrendous never go there unless you enjoy being mugged, which in that case Bridgeport is your city! Theres nothing to do besides sleeping, dorm drinking and watching porn. Please do yourself a favor and never apply here. Mad good at sports though somehow...
Student: I wonder where i can find a University of Bridgeport Alumni??
Parent: LMFAO no one graduates from there, they either drop out or get killed!
by El Tiger mofos September 14, 2013
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