An account on Youtube that apparently owns everything. They will delete your videos if they find just the smallest reason to believe you have used material that belongs to them. The thing is, almost none of the content is really theirs! You can try to dispute the claim, but that will most likely get you banned from Youtube, because almighty UMG thinks that it can just go around and pwn everyone and everything. Oh, and don't even think about messaging them, because they won't reply.
Universal Music Group: Oh, no! Someone uploaded a 5-second clip of a song we don't own! BANBANBAN!
by Bob1111118393825 January 24, 2009
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Brainless fucking idiots who think they somehow own all audio on YouTube. Somehow these braindamaged cucks get away with falsely striking thousands of videos everyday. God for some reason allows this shitty "company" to exist on earth so unless this scum of the earth goes bankrupt (it won't anytime soon, they're the Ultimate Money Grabbers) Youtube's shitty copyright system will allow these wankers to continue stealing money from creators.
damn lol my video has millions of views but ohshit Universal Music Group copyright claimed my video because i used .3 seconds of smells like teen spirit in my video thanks umg for taking my rent lol
by KnownEnemy October 4, 2019
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