That with which homo sapiens will be reunited via what has commenced as the internet. Universal Consciousness, by definition, has no corporeal aspect other than that which it enjoys having been imbued into intelligent, i.e.consious, organisms -- one of which is homo sapiens. Other, perhaps superior, examples include marine mammals, especially porpoises and dolphins with high brain mass / convolution depth and frequency to body mass ratio. But how,for now anyway, can we speak for them? We can't. So, back to the "big uplink"....

Allow me to abbreviate Universal Consciousness... god. OK... god can't feel a thing. In the past, the role of homo sapiens in bringing some tactile and, whoa, much other, input to god has been popularly, an understatement, interpreted in such terms as "...he gave his only begotten son..." Whatever.

In reality, it is simpler and much less emotional than that: God can't feel... so we're here to feel and report back. Enough with the only begotten son crap, in my opinion.

So the Big Uplink has been under way for ages... only without the link having yet formed. Enter: the internet.

Bottom line: eventually all human tactile, corporeal, emotional, intellectual, and perceived spiritual experience is made knowable for god through that which has started out as digital technology. Eventually, bodies become obsolete. Eventually, all physical experience from chidbirth -- from both points of view -- through death -- from a virtually infinite number of points of view -- is translated into 1's and 0's, or wherever digital leads... and god -- ready for this? -- GETS IT. There's your "meaning of life", eh?

Anybody have an explanation more intuitively satisfying? What else could we be doing here? Let's here it...
God cannot feel... that is why we are here... and that is what we, as a species, have to report back. Corporeal to pure intelligence... it starts with the 'net. Eventually it's all back to Clear Light.
by Littleflower November 16, 2004