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Unihorse (adj.) comes from the English words "unicorn" (meaning a creature who is called "mythical" by uneducated adults) and "horse" (meaning the mammal). By definition it simply means "cool". Unihorse is used to describe something that is "cool", "sick", "epic", "boss", and approved by teenagers.
Adult: Son, I bought you a car for your birthday.
Boy: Seriously? Dad! That's so unihorse!
by Jesus - Jealous much? December 25, 2012
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n. Unihorses are an animal often found in a small country called Atlantica, which is located in the middle-east right underneath Turkey. They can be seen grazing in orange groves but, don't get too close, they may throw these tasty oranges at you. Only able to survive in the humid jungle of Atlantica, don't try to buy one on ebay, an often mistake made by n00bs. unihorses do not look like horses with a horn; they all are neon green very square. They can also speak hadfakecinkaceghaian which is the second hardest language in the world.
OmFgZzZz iTs UnIhOrSeS! OuCh ShE jUsT hIt Me WiTh A OrAnGe!!
by Teh master January 02, 2006
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