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A unicorn + the Latin word 'cornibus,' meaning 'winged' or 'flying.' A more logical word for 'pegasus-unicorn,' instead of 'alicorn,' which is another word for a pegasus with a horn. (my little pony tried...) Hopefully this will end centuries of arguing over what to call this hybrid. ( ^-^)
Mark: *looks at book* Ooh an 'alicorn!'
Drake: Huh? Do you watch mlp or something? It's a 'pegasus-unicorn.'
Dottie: No no and NO! It's a 'pegacorn!'
Eric: Not 'pegacorn,' it's a 'unisus!'
Tyana: You guys... ( -_-) its a 'unicornibus...' have you no intellect..?
(fictional names, not inspired by real people)
by Cat'sKnowledgd July 05, 2017
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