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Flirtations, sexual, or intimate advances that will not come to fruition. Typically on the internet via instant messaging two parties are talking and one makes comments about things that will never happen or have a very low chances of occuring. These low chances of fruition are typically barred by distance, attraction, or status.
Guy in Moscow: You are hot!
Girl in LA: Thanks, so are you!
Guy in Moscow: What are you doing?
Girl in LA: Relaxing at home.
Guy in Moscow: Wish I could help you relax some more.
Girl in LA: That would be sweet - tee hee.
Guy in Moscow: Can I come over and give you a massage?
Girl in LA: Ummm.. and you're 10,000 miles away.. so cut the Unicorn Talk and talk real or get on a plane and put out or just shut up.
Guy in Moscow: Oh, sorry! Didn't realize I was dealing with such a fine sophisticate with a good head on her shoulders! Guy in Moscow: So what bands are you into?
Girl in LA: Only the good stuff: Owl City, Dragonette, Stevie Nicks..
by hadrianm August 26, 2009
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