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Someone who stays in a Sucker's living room for weeks at a time and shows no gratitude. This person will not cook for the Sucker, will not pay any compensation, will take food and drink from the fridge and will complain if they are asked to clean. When they finally get the hint and move out, they will bitterly complain about being kicked out in the Sucker's presence to the Sucker's friends.
(Example 1)
Ungrateful Freeloader: So can you go to bed? It is 9 o'clock and I want to sleep on the couch.

Sucker: No. This is my fucking couch, bitch.

(Example 2)
Sucker: Are you making dinner tonight?

Ungrateful Freeloader: No, I already ate.

Sucker: Fuck you, bitch.

(Example 3)
Sucker: I think you should start paying some rent as you are using my space, electricity, water, gas and internet.

Ungrateful Freeloader: How about 20 bucks a week?

Sucker: Fuck you, bitch.

(Example 4)
Sucker: Where is my caesar salad sauce?

Ungrateful Freeloader: I used it yesterday. It was delicious.

Sucker: Fuck you, bitch.

(Example 5)
Sucker: So can you clean the dishes? I want to cook.

Ungrateful Freeloader: You never clean, why don't you do it?

Sucker: Because I pay rent, bitch. Fuck you.

(Example 6)
Sucker: Move. I want to watch TV because some sport is on.

Ungrateful Freeloader: Urgh. Come back in half an hour.

Sucker: No, I am watching it now. Fuck you, bitch.

(Example 7)
Ungrateful Freeloader: So this guy just kicked me off his couch. Now I have to stay in a hotel. What an arsehole!

Friends of Sucker: Whatever, bitch.

(Example 8)
Ungrateful Freeloader: What are you doing today?

Sucker: Nothing.

Ungrateful Freeloader: Will you help me move?

Sucker: No. Bitch.
by madmorri February 28, 2011
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