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A person who always promise you something without the intention of making it real.

A person who always tell 'great stories' about him / herself where in fact they didn't actually happen OR they actually did but only 1% on the story is true.

A person who always have the same experience as your only that his / her experiences are more "extreme" than yours. So extreme to the point the they are already doubtful.

A 'professional' liar and a deceiver.
Goth: Hey Mike, boss said our company will give a salary increase next month!

Mike: Pfft! That undying draw? In your dreams.

. . .

Trisha: Jeff, I already slept with a Lion!

Jeff: Me too! But with Hyenas too!

Trisha: Wow! That's great! (...undying draw...)

. . .

PSA: Beware of Undying Draws offering you cheap products!
by Spectre from above April 13, 2010
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