A sexual intercourse position in which one partner grabs the other firmly, lifting them up while they put their legs upon the shoulders of the first partner. During this, the first partner will penetrate the second partner's orifice while screaming 'It's time for the Underground Camman".
"Bro I took this chick home last night and gave her the Underground Camman"
by MelonMan42 August 10, 2021
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Something that's so extremely underground and dank, it's only for trve danksters, normal people cannot understand
+ hei bOℹ do u listen to Xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx?
- no wtf is that shit
+ ultra-underground stuff BB
by 🅱uraukusu November 30, 2018
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In conspiracy theory, Deep Underground Military Bases (or D.U.M.B.s) are exactly what their name implies: secret underground bases built by the US military (via private military contractors) at exceptionally deep strata.

In past human history, we find accounts of ancient tunnels in Arizona built by the fabled “Ant People” of Hopi lore. We also read about the famous Nazi bunker of Adolf Hitler's final days —an exceptionally engineered bunker with bedrooms, offices, dining facilities, and environmental controls. It is speculated that Nazi scientists from Operation Paperclip were crucial for the success in engineering the first American D.U.M.B.s in the 1950s and 1960s, including the Cheyenne Mountain Complex (now part of the US Space Force).

According to witnesses, D.U.M.B.s exist all over the United States, with the heaviest concentration beneath the High Desert of the American West where the rock strata is strong enough to support the structures, and the lack of groundwater affords the least interference from flooding during construction, expansion, and ongoing operations.

Privately contracted long haul truckers claim underground highways connect these bases, stretching through tunnels for many hundreds of miles, complete with intersections, traffic lights, and gas stations.

FEMA's "Continuity of Government" initiative is rumored to include D.U.M.B.s in its plans to preserve key governmental personnel in the event of a catastrophic national emergency, such as nuclear war.
The US military has secretly built hundreds of Deep Underground Military Bases (aka D.U.M.B.s) all across the USA, especially in the American West, and Antarctica is said to have one of the largest singular, self-contained D.U.M.B.s in the world.
by Innocent Byproduct July 2, 2023
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the most violent, the most hardcore dubstep there is. only for the crazy mfers. mosh pit type shit
My friend: "Bruv do you listen to Marshmello? "
Me: "Nah, he too mainstream I like that underground dirty dub"
by martijngarritsen May 1, 2018
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Underground-Exploits.Com (often shortened to 'UE') is currently both the largest MyBB forum and hacking forum on the internet; with five and a half million posts, 558k threads and 158k members (as of 1/31/2016). Forum topics range from computer security, to website hacking, to human manipulation, to gaming, and even GFX and monetizing.

The owner, Kevin Mitnick (AKA Administrator), is a self-employed webmaster with years of experience under his belt -- and currently administrating multiple large websites such as Team-Dx.com and Underground-Exploits.Com.

As said by Kevin himself, "UE is a computer enthusiasts site dedicated mainly to computer security but also has general interest topics where like-minded individuals discuss everyday life topics like movies, politics, school and other aspects of our society."

"The site is educational in nature where people share tutorials on coding, computer security, and even how to make money online."

As well as this, UE has a HiJackThis analyzer team who specialize in virus removal, and clean member's computers for free in a special subforum. Members must post a HJT log, and will then be assisted by one trained HJT helper until they are clean. Any member may apply for training in the HJT team.

UE currently receives a new member every minute on average.
Well, maybe you should look on Underground Exploits, they will remove viruses for you and there's some good tuts on security there.
by Underground Exploits January 31, 2016
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The South African Skrr Skrr way of saying ancestors. It sounds cooler in a sentence. When you are a Skrr Skrr it's easy to find your people because of the unique language.
Friend: Why you going to your grandrents place?

Kim: I'm going to communicate with the underground gang.....
by Thxt November 27, 2022
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Dope educational system that provides users with access to all of the training required in an electrical apprenticeship program for the relative cost of a value meal per month.

Available worldwide. To anyone, anytime, anywhere. No applications.
Ex. 1: Do not waste your time or money at a community college when Electrician Underground provides a superior curriculum at a fraction of the cost.

Ex. 2: Bro, my 16 year old brother already passed the journeyman test. Electrician Underground is for real!

Ex. 3: I live in Sudan, Africa. Electrician Underground taught me all about electrical theory and installation practices.
by Braintank January 26, 2023
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