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To "Understand",is to Dig(like it or not) what a person is saying.
To "underdig" is a total comprehension of what someone is sayin'.

That's some California Bay Area Lingo...
brought to you by The E Forty (E40) himself... get the book learn the lesson..All others are posers. please believe

Make sure you Underdig what I'm saying, before I have to put my hands on you.
by Trust me January 02, 2006
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(n.) understand; a combination of the terms "do you understand?" and "can you dig it?"
-Used widespread throughout urban neighborhoods. Although the origins are unknown, Def Jam/ Roc-A-Fella/ Thugged Out Militainment recording artist N.O.R.E. aka Noreaga is credited for makeing the term mainstream.

I'ma be back later for my money; Underdig?
by Shizz August 09, 2004
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asking is some one understands
we got alot of things goin down tonight, be here early you under dig
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
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